Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Kentucky Holiday Treat- Bourbon Balls

So, I have the wonderful fortune to a. be a pretty terrible cook and b. not have a functioning oven.

So I try to get creative when it comes to what to bring to holiday parties, and I look back to my Kentucky-born roots for a simple, easy, no-bake recipe: bourbon balls!

My favorite recipe is here:

My notes to this recipe:
1. I use 1 1/4 cup of crushed nilla wafers (instead of just 1 cup).
2. When you are ready to roll the bourbon balls, roll them all at once, then roll them in the powdered sugar. If you roll them in the powdered sugar as you roll the balls, you'll find that the sugar on your hands makes it tougher for the next few that you touch to stick together.
3. No need to refrigerate before you serve! You can take them immediately to a party, if you are like me and always running late anyway.

My only cautionary note for when you actually bring them to the party: they look deceptively like doughnut holes, so make sure you label them. (A bourbon balls on its own is delicious; a bourbon ball when you're expecting a doughnut hole is significantly less delicious.)

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